Mistakes in spelling and/or prices:

TheUTVLab.com “UTV Lab” “We” “Us” are not to be held responsible for any issues in regards of mistakes to pricing or other information related to products. If a price that is posted is inaccurate any purchases made with the inaccurate price will be canceled with the money refunded back to the customer with a explanation email following.


Returns/Exchanges will only be issued on products that meet one or more of these requirements:

1. Item purchased is not the current item

2. Item is unused/Undamaged/Unopened by the customer

3. Is not a donation or digital Item

4. Items are customized by the customer when ordering (such as picking colors, features or any other options in which it is tailored to the customer)

Restocking Fees:

A 10% Restocking Fee may apply.

Item(s) that will not be charged a Restocking fee are:

1. Item(s) that are defective

2. Item(s) that were delivered and not match was was bought.

3. Digital Items

4. Item(s) damaged in transit